the best online market place in Nigeria

Do you know that Jumia is the best platform to sell your products online in Nigeria?, Let me prove it for you, many people have been struggling to sell their products on social media like Facebook, but social media is not the right platform to sell products online, the best platform to sell products online is an online marketplace like Jumia, because this is where people visit to buy products with confidence.

it is a big mistake if you depend on selling your products on social media when we have Jumia as the best online market place in Nigeria


Jumai is an online marketplace for fashion, electronics, health and beauty products, utensils among others. the company is also a logistic service which enables shipment and delivery of packages from sellers to customers, and a payment service which facilitates transaction among participants

Over 500,000 products are sold on Jumia  per month and those products sold on Jumia are owned by individuals and brands who are willing to sell on Jumia.


Jumia is an online marketplace just like Aliexpress (Alibaba) and Amazon, the products found on Jumia are owned by individuals and brands who have decided to sell their products on the platform, every seller at Jumia sells between 10-100+ products per day depending on the product and the strategy used, a seller can increase its sells by promoting its product on the platform.



  1. Accessibility: your products on Jumia will have unlimited access to people nationwide which means that anybody in Nigeria will have access to your products on Jumia when needed. it is far better than selling on Facebook because very little amount of people will have access to your products on Facebook even though your are running ads on Facebook.                                                      
  2. Less stress: there is no stress selling on Jumia, Jumia will manage your customers for you once an order is placed for your product, all you have to do is to monitor your seller center account for new orders, then you have to deliver the product at jumia’s drop off station, Jumia will carry out the whole delivery process anywhere in Nigeria.                                                           
  3. Nationwide delivery: once an order is placed, Jumia will deliver your goods to your customer anywhere in Nigeria.                                                  
  4. payment & trust: any customer that buys your product at Jumia will have the confidence to pay before delivery because Jumia is well trusted in Nigeria.                                     
  5. free registration: registration as a seller at Jumia is totally free, Jumia will only charge you 3-5% of for every successful sell you made depending on the category of the product.                                                                                                         
  6. Fast sells: Jumia is the best and most trusted online marketplace in Nigeria, it has over 500,000 customers per month, with this huge number, you’re at a great chance of selling at least 10 products per day. over 50 million people have installed the Jumia app in their phone which they use to shop online.

We have made this tutorial affordable for all, the price is just 4000 naira, and we give you 100% guarantee that you will surely benefit from this course.

over 50 million people have installed jumia app, and they are using it to purchase any time they want to buy online. many other people are using a browser to purchase.


 the tutorial will guide you on the following

  1. how to create a seller account on Jumia                                              
  2. how to create different products on Jumia platform                                                
  3. how to promote your product (sponsored ad) on Jumia                                                                 
  4. how to send your products to jumia warehouse ( jumia express)                                              
  5. strategies to use and get huge sales        

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How Will I Get The The Tutorial?

We have prepared video tutorials which will give you full guidelines on how to sell your products on Jumia, the link for the video will be sent automatically to your E-mail via paystack (the e-mail you have provided during payment), once your payment is successful, kindly check your E-mail and watch the video carefully.

this is the kind of message that will be sent automatically to your email once payment is successful, kindly click the link as circled on the screenshot above to watch the tutorial.

is there guarantee?

yes, we give you 100% guarantee that you will have huge sales on jumia, as long as other people are selling on jumia, you can sell better than many others selling on the platform once you follow up the guidelines given in the tutorial.

its time to take a step and make a move. say “no” to low sales, take your business to jumia and start having huge sales nationwide  


My name is Affiah, Uwem Utuk, I’m from Akwa Ibom but living in Lekki, Lagos, I started e-commerce in 2018, I’ve been selling health & beauty products by running Facebook ads, it was profitable, in 2020, I made research on how to sell on Jumia, I started selling on Jumia in march 2020, then I realized that selling on Jumia is more profitable than selling on social media, it was so realistic that Jumia is currently the best platforn to sell online in Nigeria, even if you have a  physical store, you can still sell those products on Jumia which will add more profit to your business.

For more information please kindly email us at Affiah@9jamarketonline.com

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Disclaimer: We do not believe in get rich quick programs, We believe in hard work, adding value and dedication  to reach your goals. It’s a fact that anyone that does not take action will see no results in whatsoever. You will get no result in whatsoever if you assume by soaking up information products, 

Our tutorials are intended to help you sell your products on Jumia which will help you grow your business. We don’t make any guarantees about your own results because we don’t know you, results in life are solely base on decision made, we are here to help and guide you move forward faster by giving you awesome content, direction and strategies to reach your end goals, please check the content of the tutorial thoroughly on this page and that you are committed to taking relentless action and will put in the effort before you decide to make a purchase.